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When Is It Time to Buy a New Printer?

It’s inevitable – you’ll eventually have to buy a new printer. But if you’re asking yourself, “When should I buy a new printer?” then there are some key performance indicators that can tell you when it’s time to replace your printer. Buying a new printer is never fun, but it’s a necessity when you want to keep up with your home and office tech needs. Your equipment needs regular updates, and your printer is no exception.

Here are some helpful indicators that can tell you when it’s time to buy a new printer.

When Is It Time to Buy a New Printer

1. Your printing needs to change

When your printing needs change, it’s a good indicator that your printer needs to change with it. If you’re using an outdated printer for complex print jobs or projects, you’ll need to replace your printer sooner than you originally expected. If you suddenly find that your printing needs have expanded, then it may be time to replace the printer to meet your needs.

Also, sometimes you may need to downgrade your printer. For example, your office or place of business has recently moved to paperless operations and procedures, reducing the need for printed documents and materials. In this case, you need to consider downgrading to a different printer.

2. The quality of printed materials begins to decline

When your printer starts to malfunction, the quality of your printed documents may suffer. Signs of deteriorating printed materials include inconsistent colors in documents and blurred or faded text even after important component repairs or maintenance. If, after cleaning the printer head and replacing the ink cartridges, you still notice inconsistent printing, streaks, or faded text on documents and other materials, this is a clear sign that your printer may need a complete replacement.

3. Component wear

If you start to notice grinding, clicking, or other unusual noises from the printer while using it, this is a sure sign that the printer needs to be replaced. True, you can try to repair your printer, but this is usually a costly venture that can leave important office equipment without it for an indeterminate period of time. Frequent paper jams and unusual noises from your printer are signs that your internal components are wearing out and it’s time to consider replacing your printer. Avoid the hassle of dealing with repairing and upgrading your printer when internal components start to wear out.

4. Ink cartridges are getting too expensive

As your printer ages, you may have a hard time finding affordable replacement printer cartridges. When this starts to happen, it’s a sure sign that you might need to swap out your old printer for a newer model. Printer brands often stop producing printer cartridges for their older models, creating a market for expensive ink and toner cartridges. This is a common practice, similar to automakers stopping production of OEM parts for their older model vehicles. The cost of unnecessarily expensive replacement printer cartridges will eventually outweigh the cost of upgrading to a newer model printer.

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