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Compatible Standard P-touch TZe Tapes

1/4″ (6mm)3/8″ (9mm)1/2″ (12mm)3/4″ (18mm)1″ (24mm)1 1/2″ (36mm)
Black on WhiteTZe-211TZe-221TZe-231TZe-241TZe-251TZe-261
Black on ClearTZe-111TZe-121TZe-131TZe-141TZe-151TZe-161
Black on RedTZe-411TZe-421TZe-431TZe-441TZe-451TZe-461
Black on YellowTZe-611TZe-621TZe-621TZe-621TZe-621TZe-621
Black on GreenTZe-711TZe-721TZe-731TZe-741TZe-751TZe-761
Black on BlueTZe-511TZe-521TZe-531TZe-541TZe-551TZe-561
Black on Fl OrangeTZe-B11TZe-B21TZe-B31TZe-B41TZe-B51TZe-B61
Black on Fl YellowTZe-C11TZe-C21TZe-C31TZe-C41TZe-C51TZe-C61
Black on Fl GreenTZe-D11TZe-D21TZe-D31TZe-D41TZe-D51TZe-D61
White on BlackTZe-315TZe-325TZe-335TZe-345TZe-355TZe-365
White on ClearTZe-115TZe-125TZe-135TZe-145TZe-155TZe-165
White on BlueTZe-515TZe-525TZe-535TZe-545TZe-555TZe-565
Red on WhiteTZe-212TZe-222TZe-232TZe-242TZe-252TZe-262
Blue on WhiteTZe-213TZe-223TZe-233TZe-243TZe-253TZe-263
Gold on BlackTZe-314TZe-314TZe-334TZe-344TZe-354TZe-364
Black on Pastel BlueTZe-MQ531
White on Satin GoldTZe-MQ835
Gold on Satin SilverTZe-MQ934
Black on Pastel PinkTZe-MQE31
Black on Pastel PurpleTZe-MQF31
White on Lime GreenTZe-MQG35
White on Berry PinkTZe-MQP35
White on RedTZe-415TZe-425TZe-435TZe-445TZe-455TZe-465
White on GreenTZe-715TZe-725TZe-735TZe-745TZe-755TZe-765
White on OrangeTZe-635

Hehua compatible label tape replacement for Brother P-touch TZe tapes is widely used in our daily life.

Rich colors and multiple sizes ( 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm, 24mm, 36mm ) could meet all our daily needs. Whether at home or in the office, there is always one for you.

The product features of P-touch TZe tapes are water resistant, fade resistant, temperature resistant, oil resistant, abrasion resistant and easy peel.

Brother P-touch TZe tapes



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