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Dymo Company: A Comprehensive Review

Dymo Company is a well-known name in the printing industry. For over 60 years, the company has been providing innovative labeling and printing solutions to businesses and individuals. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Dymo Company and its products and services.

History of Dymo Company

The Dymo Company was founded in 1958 by two California-based inventors, Richard Labelle and Emil Magyar. Their goal was to create a simple and affordable labeling device that could be used by anyone. The result was the first Dymo labeler, which quickly became popular among small businesses and individuals.

Over the years, the Dymo Company continued to innovate and expand its product line. Today, the company is known for its wide range of labeling and printing solutions, including label makers, label printers, card scanners, and more.

Products and Services

Label Makers

Dymo’s label makers are some of the most popular products in the company’s lineup. These devices are perfect for creating professional-looking labels for a wide range of applications. Some of the most popular Dymo label makers include the Dymo LabelManager 160, the Dymo LabelManager 280, and the Dymo LetraTag.

Label Printers

Dymo’s label printers are designed for high-volume label printing applications. These printers are perfect for businesses that need to create large numbers of labels quickly and efficiently. Some of the most popular Dymo label printers include the Dymo LabelWriter 450 and the Dymo LabelWriter 4XL.

Card Scanners

Dymo also offers a range of card scanners that are perfect for businesses that need to digitize large numbers of business cards quickly and easily. These scanners can read both sides of a card in a single pass and can export the data to popular contact management software such as Outlook and Excel. Some of the most popular Dymo card scanners include the Dymo CardScan Executive and the Dymo CardScan Team.

Label Tapes and Labels

Dymo offers a wide range of label tapes and labels that are compatible with its label makers and label printers. These tapes and labels are available in a variety of colors and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect label for your application.


Dymo’s software is designed to make label creation and printing as easy as possible. The company offers a range of software products, including the Dymo Label software, Dymo Stamps software, and Dymo File software.

Customer Support

Dymo is known for its excellent customer support. The company offers a wide range of support options, including phone support, email support, and live chat support. Dymo also has an extensive knowledge base that contains answers to many common questions and issues.


In conclusion, the Dymo Company is a well-respected name in the labeling and printing industry. With a wide range of products and services, including label makers, label printers, card scanners, and more, the company has something to offer businesses and individuals of all sizes. If you are in need of labeling or printing solutions, be sure to check out what Dymo has to offer.



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