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Hehua-Here is Hehua , your new choice!

who I am? where am I from? what do I do?

We are a brand of office supplies which selling compatible label tapes, compatible ink cartridges, and compatible toner cartridges. Hehua established in 2007 in Zhuhai, China, the capital of printing supplies in the world, my name is similar to the Chinese pronunciation of  Lotus flower.

There are two meanings behind the name.On the one hand, the Lotus flower is a symbol of nobleness, and ancient Chinese poets described him as coming out of the mud without staining.On the other hand, Hehua means “unifying and aggregating the strength of employees to build a Chinese brand”.

From establishment to present, We have 5 brothers (family members), They are B, C, D, E, K:

B is brother

C is Casio

D is Dymo

E is Epson

K is King Jim

Our brand’s slogan is “I Love Hehua”, we hope to provide you with high-quality label tapes that satisfy you, make your life more efficient, comfortable and orderly, and make you fall in love with the brand “Hehua”.

What label tapes do we sell?

Our business covered three categories: thermal transfer, embossing, thermal, and subdivided into multiple categories according to different materials.The most commonly used and popular series include brother’s Tze MK DK Rd DYMO’s D1 rhino LT 3D, etc.

As one of the printing consumables, there are many kinds of Tapes. Different kinds of label Tapes are required for different scenarios and uses. Here are some types and application scenarios of Tapes:

·Standard coated label Tape

Tze series standard coated label Tape is composed of 6 layers of materials, and the label is thin and durable. The text is printed under the transparent film layer by thermal transfer technology. The structure of the label is like a sandwich, with the text sandwiched in the middle. The label text made by this principle is well protected and can be durable even in harsh environments.

The standard coated label tape has good corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, fading resistance, water resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and good surface coverage.

·Flexibel Tape

This kind of label Tape is more suitable for identification on columnar or curved surfaces, and can be wrapped and flag to identify various wires, cables, optical fibers, pipes, test tubes, curved or columnar surfaces.

·Strong adhesive label Tape

Its viscosity is 1 times that of the standard coated label Tape. Suitable for some rough, non smooth and textured surfaces. Such as metal or plastic surface (computer case, display, etc.), engineering plastic, shelf, etc.

·Fabric hot stamping label Tape (no film)

This is a special fiber material non coated label. After printing, you can use an electric iron to adhere the label to the cotton fabric through high temperature, and you can wash or dry clean it for 30 times. The ironing temperature is adjusted to 160-180 ℃, and the label is covered with a layer of thin cloth during ironing, so that the ironing text is clearer and the fabric is not damaged or faded due to high temperature.

The ironing time should be kept for 10-15 seconds to ensure firm adhesion.

What tape to choose depends on what material you want to print.

Our advantages:

Excellent print quality

Silky product texture

Mature thermal printing technology

Low defective rate

Choose Hehua, we hope you will utter this exclamation:

I love Hehua!


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