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How to Make Ink and Toner Cartridges Last Longer

Ink and toner cartridges are expensive. This is something all printer owners know. do not be afraid! Hehua is here to help! Not only do we offer new compatible, remanufactured and genuine OEM ink and toner, but we also provide some helpful tips to help you extend the life of your ink and toner cartridges.

It should be noted that OEM toner cartridges generally have higher page yields than compatible and remanufactured toner cartridges, so they usually last longer. But compatible and remanufactured toner cartridges are more economical and cost-effective.

That being said, no matter what make and model of printer you own, there are a few steps you can take to make your ink and toner last longer and produce more pages.

Pull out toner cartridge for the printer

One trick that confuses many Xerox toner 7855 users is pulling the toner cartridge out of the machine. From a technical point of view, these printers are very smart.

Xerox toner cartridges life

They sense toner levels and indicate lows with precise sensors. However, this low point is subjective. There is usually more ink or toner left in the cartridge.

Bypass the electronic brain inside the machine by pulling out the cartridge. This Xerox Printer Ink Tip tells the PCB or Printed Circuit Board is missing a toner component. The built-in assumption is that the returned cartridges will be full.

Follow these steps to remove more toner from the cartridges:

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to reset the printer
  2. Slide the same ink cartridges into the machine as you would new Xerox printer ink
  3. Activate printer mode

This simple process can get the printer working again.

Shake toner cartridges

When replacing the toner cartridge, it should feel light. However, the cartridges still feel relatively heavy to many people. There is still toner in the container! While it’s an old trick, shaking the toner cartridge works wonders.

The impact released toner that might have lodged on the walls of the container. It falls to the bottom of the container and the printer can detect it.

The low ink light may identify “new” ink cartridges, allowing the printer to work again. Depending on the printer manufacturer, you may need to disable low ink mode so that the machine does not malfunction the next time it is run.

Got a toner low message? Remove the toner cartridge, shake it, and reinstall it. It might work!

cover sensor

Some printer ink and toner cartridges have sensors on the housing. It might look like a small hole in a solid design. This sensor tells the printer that there is no more ink or toner. Conversely, the printer will not operate until the sensor is deactivated.

One easy trick involves electrical tape. Cover this cartridge sensor with a small piece of tape. Turn on the printer and see if it recognizes the toner level. Some printers respond to this tactic, so trying it is the only way to be sure if it works.

Attention to detail printing

Want your ink and toner to last longer? Don’t print garbage! Seriously, think twice before hitting the print button, and save yourself some ink and toner.

Follow these guidelines to conserve ink and toner:

  • Proofread and correct projects before printing
  • Consider emailing a copy instead of printing a paper copy

In today’s technological world, hard copies may not be necessary. Before sending a print job to the machine, identify your print job.

Try Toner Save Mode

Also, the print mode affects the life of the ink and toner cartridges. The print window that pops up on your computer screen has several options available. Look for Draft, Grayscale, or other options that use less ink.

Preserve the best print results for final copies and projects presented in professional settings. There’s no need to waste ink on internal copies of files that end up in the loop.

Consider high-capacity ink cartridges

If someone offers you regular or high-yield cartridges, choose the high-capacity option. This toner has extra volume inside the case.

You can extend its life and make it more durable than other cartridges. Remind yourself that everyday tips and tricks still apply to large toner cartridges.

Whether you are using Xerox toner cartridges or another model, these tips can help you when items are due and the low ink light is on.

Using your printer patiently can save you money and time. Making ink last longer requires attention to detail and knowledge about laser printer cartridges.

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